Hire a function room at the Nice airport Business Centre

Oliver Henon shares his customer experience of the Nice Côte d'Azur Airport Business Centre.

Olivier Henon partage son expérience client du Centre d'Affaires de l'Aéroport Nice Côte d'Azur

On Thursday, 30 October 2014, KONE Region Côte d'Azur organised 'PEOPLE FLOW DAY' at the airport's Business Centre.

 It was an important day for employees of one of the global leaders in the world of lifts.

 The programme: reflection and immersion. 

Why did you choose the Business Centre?

We thought about the Business Centre because we have a privileged relationship with the airport. Already, in our customer/supplier relationship, I wondered about how to continue our "partner" relationship as a customer of the airport's services in a "reversed" situation. Also, and above all, because the airport's environment with respect to our "'PEOPLE FLOW DAY" project led us to search for an attractive location which lent itself to team work meetings. The KONE Nice site was chosen to represent France. As this project is a world-scale project at KONE, we were looking for a site worthy of the event.

About the airport Business Centre.

I knew that there was a Business Centre at the airport, without having used it as a customer beforehand. I had already attended events as a "visitor". I think that many professionals in the department knew about it, without necessarily thinking about organising meetings there.

What about the preparations for your event?

Everything went seamlessly! From the moment the decision was taken to spend a study date at the airport's Business Centre, exchanges were clear and simple. I was able to rent a large enough, modular and well-equipped room to satisfy our goals for the day. My project was quickly understood, I quickly sensed that there were all the prerequisites to make the event a success.

What was the feedback?

I was able to rent a large enough, modular and well-equipped room to satisfy our goals for the day.

Being at the heart of the Terminal, we projected ourselves in an environment that was conducive to the themes of the project. Our workshops studied the understanding of people flows in establishments receiving the public. We were really at the heart of the subject!
Easy access to the rooms, the convenience of being able to bring the different speakers at the gates of the city and immersion... it had it all. The conditions for a complete study day were met. The layout of the spacious and airy room was pleasant and ideal for moderating the group and encouraging reflection. Throughout the day, we went into the field. We were looking for this proximity with our study subjects, in the Terminal hall, with passengers. It was a successful gamble for us. We made the first page of our in-house magazine which is distributed internationally!

And tomorrow, will you have the Business Centre reflex?

You mean organising other types of meetings at the airport Business Centre? Absolutely!

Now I know what is on offer and what can be organised in your premises. I can easily imagine meetings with suppliers or customers. For KONE, it's really practical as we're neighbours!