Develop the skills of your teams with courses that are tailored to airport business needs and are delivered by experts with hands-on experience who are totally in sync with your everyday life.

Evolve better

Airports, one of the key factors in the growth of air transport, are constantly evolving.You are yourself aware of the almost daily alterations in airline needs, passenger
expectations, new safety and security regulations and the constant changes in the law. Economic challenges and financial limitations are encouraging the search for new territories, new markets and new businesses.

These are developments and changes that mean all staff driving them must improve
their skills and compare their own experience with that of their peers if they are to continue to provide a quality service and to make their own company even more competitive.

NAMA’s airport business training courses can support the improvement, offering your teams the experience and know-how of recognised experts in fields ranging from business aviation, quality management systems, health and safety, environment, customer relations and safety management systems (SMS) to airport management.
Our staff are not just professional trainers - they are professionals who are also trainers. Since they are involved in the everyday running of Aéroports de la Côte d’Azur they understand the business at grassroots level and speak the same language and have the same enthusiasms as your own teams.