Transport sector

Conventions and events - luggage trucks

Authorisation requests for Convention vehicles

In the context of a specific event (conventions, conferences, etc.), you may wish to organise a one-off service for the public road transport of passengers, without this being your main line of business. To enable you to welcome your customers in the best conditions possible, we offer you the opportunity to use our T2 bus station and our bus station in Terminal 1 on an exceptional basis.

  • Fee rates

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    The 2022 fee rates are €66.50 before tax, €79.20 tax included per day and per vehicle for the entire duration of the event.

  • Conditions of sale

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    To benefit from this service, you must make a prior request for a quotation to the Commercial Development Officer by filling out the document below and specifying which terminal you want to access in the application (T1 or T2).

     This document must include the following information:

    • Name and contact details of the organising company
    • Billing address
    • SIRET (company registration) or RCI (industry and commercial register) number from France or abroad.
    • EU VAT number
    • Event name
    • Date of parking (start and end dates).
    • Number of vehicles
    • Type of vehicle (public road transport of passengers (TPRP) - private hire vehicles (GR/PR) - tourist cars with driver (VTC) - others)
    • Registration numbers of the vehicles to be parked.
    • Date, company stamp and signature with the statement “Approved and agreed”.

    Convention/luggage vehicle authorisation request

    All duly completed and signed documents are to be sent to the Terminal 1 Bus Station Manager. Quotation and billing will be processed by the Commercial Development Officer.
    Quotations and Invoicing

Authorisation requests for luggage trucks

In the context of a specific event or a special request for the passenger transport in addition to luggage trucks (convention, conference, etc.), we offer you the opportunity to use our bus stations, usually reserved for professionals in the Public Road Transport of Passengers, on an exceptional basis.

  • Conditions of sale

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    To benefit from this service, the preferred procedure is to make a prior request to the Bus Station Manager by filling out the document below and specifying “Luggage Truck” and which terminal you want to access (T1 or T2).

  • Traffic and parking regulations

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    Vehicles moving within the area of the bus stations are required to respect the existing signage and the direction of traffic, and drive at walking speed and comply with the instructions issued by the Bus Station Managers.

    Anyone not complying with the rules will be banned from the bus stations.


Landside Zone Identification Card (CIZCV) - Blue Badge

The Landside Zone Identification Card (Blue Badge) individually assigned to a named driver AND a yearly access authorisation for the vehicle are now required to access spaces for transport professionals.
Before any Blue Badge request, you must have an activity authorisation and a security correspondent.

  • For companies with more than two employees

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    1. Download the forms here 
    Activity authorisation request form (BADG-12-b-V5a).
    Correspondent nomination form 
    2. Fill them in and sign them,
    3. Send them by email only to:

    Once your activity authorisation has been validated by the relevant authorities, you will receive a link by email allowing you to request a Blue Badge for drivers via a dedicated site.
    You must then buy the Blue Badge(s) via the website.

    1. Create your account: you will receive confirmation of your account’s activation by email within 72 working hours.
    2. Buy your Blue Badge: once your account has been activated, you can buy the “Blue Badge” online.

    After about four weeks, once your Blue Badge is ready, you will be contacted by email and can collect the badge from the Espace Pro - Esplanade Simone Veil - Terminal 1.

    Online request


Contact the Bus Station Managers