Conditions of use for the bus stations

Access to the bus stations is exclusively reserved for companies providing regular or occasional services for the road transport of passengers, private hire vehicles and companies in the public road transport of passengers.

Traffic and parking regulations

Vehicles moving within the area of the bus stations are required to respect the existing signage and the direction of traffic, and drive at walking speed and comply with the instructions issued by the Bus Station Managers.

Anyone not complying with the rules will be banned from the bus stations.

 The maximum stay is one hour, including pick-up, and from 1 January 2019 drop-off for your customers will take place in the T1 and T2 bus stations (same fee as the pick-up).  An extra fee will be applied for each indivisible 15-minute segment if the time period is exceeded (each 15-minute segment initiated is payable).

Fee for using the Bus Stations

If you want to be a customer of the Bus Stations at Terminals 1 and 2 and opt for billing at the end of the month, you must provide the Bus Station Manager at Terminal 1 with the following documents:

  • Business contact details
  • Licence for the public road transport of passengers SIRET (company registration number) or K-bis (company registration certificate)
  • Banking details and SEPA direct debit mandate.
  • List of your fleet of coaches (registration numbers and number of seats for each coach).
  • The Bus Station Manager must be informed of every change, modification, transfer of vehicle, registration number or use of a rental vehicle (short or long term) as soon as possible.
  • The list of vehicle registration numbers for your fleet must be sent to the Bus Station Manager at the beginning of each year to update records 

At the end of each month, you will receive a detailed bill relating to your company’s vehicle entries.

Fee rates

The fees due for the parking of Tourism and Event coaches, regardless of the number of seats, are: 
The fee rate for 2022 is €13.67 before tax, €16.40 tax included for one hour of parking + customer pick-up and drop-off.

Requests to reserve spaces for a specific event

During a specific event, you may need to park several vehicles at the two terminals at the same time in a given time period. If traffic allows, we can park your vehicles in our offloading zone, at the entrance to the Terminal 2 bus station.

Landside Zone Identification Card (CIZCV)

For coach companies whose coach fleets include 9-seater light commercial vehicles (LCVs) that are considered to be for the public road transport of passengers (TPRP) OR tourist cars with driver (VTC) please note the compulsory Blue Badge product description for the year 2019. This product is only sold online.

The Landside Zone Identification Card (Blue Badge) individually assigned to a named driver AND a yearly access authorisation for the vehicle are now required to access spaces for transport professionals.

Before any Blue Badge request, you must have an activity authorisation and a security correspondent.

Online request

Online request

Once your activity authorisation has been validated by the relevant authorities, you will receive a link by email allowing you to request a Blue Badge for drivers via a dedicated site.

You must then buy the Blue Badge(s) via the website 

  1. Create your account: you will receive confirmation of your account’s activation by email within 72 working hours.
  2. Buy your Blue Badge: once your account has been activated, you can buy the “Blue Badge” online.

After about four weeks, once your Blue Badge is ready, you will be contacted by email and can collect the badge from the Espace Pro - Esplanade Simone Veil - Terminal 1.

  • Conditions of sale

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    To acquire this Blue Badge, you must be an operator of tourist cars with driver (EVTC), private hire vehicles (PR/GR), public road transport of passengers (TPRP) or ambulance transport. Only professional vehicles can acquire this access permit.

Online request


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