2024 rates:

  • €14.50 excl. tax per entry: 1 hour max. of parking + customer pick-up and drop-off
  • Penalty for overstaying: €28.00 excl. tax per quarter-hour segment (or part of one)
  • These rates apply to all coaches with 10 or more seats
  • Payment per stay, collected by the Bus Station Manager
  • Light vehicles with 9 or fewer seats: see the Conditions of Access and rates for taxis and private-hire vehicles

To request monthly invoicing:

To receive a detailed invoice at the end of every month with entry information regarding your coaches, please send the following documents to: relation-pro@cote-azur.aeroport.fr

  • Company contact details
  • Licence for the public road transport of passengers
  • SIRET company site registration number or Kbis company registration certificate
  • Banking details
  • SEPA direct-debit mandate, which can be downloaded below
  • Registration number and number of seats for each coach

Direct-debit mandate

Any change of registration number, modification or transfer of a vehicle, or use of a rental vehicle (either in the short or long term) must be reported within 72 hours.

An up-to-date list of vehicles must be sent annually (before 31 January) so that the access control software can be updated.

Reserving spaces

For a specific event, you may need to park several coaches at the same time in a given time period.

An overflow area located at the entrance to the Terminal 2 bus station can be used, subject to spaces being available, and subject to reservation: relation-pro@cote-azur.aeroport.fr

Regulations for Transport Professionals