Improving customer experience

Aidez vos clients à préparer leur arrivée à l’aéroport.

If you are a tourism professional, reserving Nice Airport services online at is an option to seriously consider.
This can not only improve the travel experience of your customers, but also generate additional revenue for your company.

Help your customers prepare for their arrival at the airport.

Booking car parks

Parking P6 Aeroport Nice

Firstly, reserving services online such as car parks allows your customers to easily and quickly access the airport, while avoiding queues and benefiting from the quality of services in the official car parks for the second busiest airport in France. 

In addition, reserving car parks online through Click&Park allows your customers to plan their journey in advance, giving them additional peace of mind. They can benefit from guaranteed parking, while managing their budget. All of the airport car parks are available to reserve. Direct access to the Terminal, Long Stay, Premium... It's up to you to give your customers the best advice for having the best travel experience.

Fast-track queue

Then, you can also offer your passengers a fast-track queue: Nice Access. This service, available in the two terminals, is a considerable advantage for your customers, as it allows them to save time when going through security. Thus, they can get to the boarding area more quickly. This is a real comfort for your customers, who appreciate this particular offer.

Vip Lounges & VIP Welcome services

Do your customers want to relax in order to work in peace before their flight? Offer them the chance to get comfortable in one of the four VIP lounges and let them enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle of the airport. Whatever the time of day, a buffet with snacks and food is available.

Accueil VIP à l'arrivée - Aéroport de Nice

Moreover, Nice Airport offers VIP welcome services for Nice departures and arrivals for those who want to benefit from personalised treatment and exclusive services, such as assistance passing through security, access to the VIP lounges, a baggage porter and assistance with various formalities...

By reserving this service online for your customers, you are offering them a high-end travel experience which can satisfy the most challenging passengers or even groups and families.

About commission

Last but not least, one of the main advantages for your company is the 10% commission offered by Nice Airport for reserving its services online. This means that you can receive a commission for each reservation made by your customers, which could represent a considerable source of additional revenue for your company.

How does it work?

All you have to do is create an account by choosing Agency in the customer type and then you can simply manage all the reservations of services online for all of your customers. For more ease with payment and invoicing, you can opt for settlement at the end of the month (only possible for agencies in the European Union).

In summary, reserving Nice Airport services online offers numerous advantages for tourism professionals, both improving the travel experience of their customers and generating additional revenue at the same time.

With a simple and user-friendly platform for reserving different services for passengers, Nice Airport is a practical and profitable solution for tourism professionals.