Business Aviation Terminal

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Conversion of the former Terminal Corse next to Nice Terminal 2 has created a dedicated Business Aviation Terminal offering premium services to passengers.

The majority of this 1,500 m² terminal officially openedin 2010 is devoted to VIP lounges, crew restrooms, airline desks, specialist support services and luxury shopping.

Business Aviation Terminal clients can drive right up to the entrance, where canopies ensure discrete entry to the terminal.

This new terminal is structured around a central corridor that serves the lounges and support services areas to provide fast, comfortable access to the secure airside area.

The pleated tunnel or tubular shape of the structure is finished in perforated metal with a slight red tint to give the internal space a warm and welcoming atmosphere flooded with muted light. Its black marble floor adds a sober touch to accentuate the luxurious feel of this premium facility. Modern design, simplicity and luxury are the keywords that define this exclusive terminal.

Major business aviation operators based at Nice:

Each has a 300 m² area of the terminal containing operations rooms, VIP lounges, crew lounges and offices.This terminal is also a base for 3 helicopter operators - Azur Hélicoptère, Heli Air Monaco and Héli Sécurité - and a luxury jewellers: Hour Passion.

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