All you need to know about commission

An unforgettable commission rate to make you a key part of their unforgettable trip

As a travel professional, are you looking to offer your clients a full range of services?
Nice Côte d'Azur Airport's range of services can be ordered on-line.
Offer the clients in your travel agency additional added value with our on-line services.
Nice Airport's on-line services mean you can provide your clients with end-to-end passenger support.

Design a different airport experience with them - it's simple, quick and profitable.

Our a la carte services commisioned

Combine our services to give your clients a tailored package and become a key part of an unforgettable trip.

10% commission to you on our services 

We realise you want to make travel different and easier for your clients.
As our partner we are offering you an unforgettable 10% commission on our services that you book on-line.
Our unforgettable 10% commission underpins a constructive and simple business relationship.


Our E-COMMERCE platform is reliable, secure and easy to use.

Access your client area to manage your account and track all your bookings.

A simple and practical business relationship.

Choose between 2 options on our E-COMMERCE platform:

  • end of month debit with just one invoice
  • cash payment by payment card