Why choose the airport to host events?

Mr. Hervé FORESTIER, Vice-President of the Regional Council of the Order of Chartered Accountants Marseilles-PACA, Chairman of the Administrative Commission of the Alpes Maritimes explains why he chooses the airport to organise his events. 

The events are organised by Association Promotion Chiffre et Conseil Evènements (APCCE) on behalf of the Regional Council of Chartered Accountants Marseille-PACA (CROEC Marseille-PACA) and the Regional Association of Auditors Aix-Bastia (CRCC Aix-Bastia).


Can you tell us more about the type of events organised by the Regional Council of the Order of Chartered Accountants Marseilles-PACA?

We organise about 2.3 events per month ranging from small to very large. They can be conferences, seminars or conventions. To be more precise, our events can range from dinner debates with the "legal world" to conferences on legal and economic business issues. We have, as you will have understood, a rather high level of requirement given the multitude of "projects" to be implemented. 

Why did you choose the airport's Business Centre?

The Business Centre at Nice Côte d'Azur airport offers obvious benefits for us as we regularly work with chartered accountants and auditors and speakers who come from Paris. There is a real practical benefit, both for colleagues with its easy access and parking facilities and for speakers who fly in.

Can you tell us more about your last event organised at the airport's Business Centre?

The last conference was held in early July, at Terminal 1 in the New York Room, the largest in the Business Centre. We brought together 80 delegates who were able to learn about and discuss business taxation. We regularly use the Business Centre at Nice airport to organise conferences for 30 to 180 people. Our event logistics coordination teams know that the modularity of the rooms adjusts to our requirements.

 How did you find out about the airport's Business Centre? How would you describe it?

Some of my various professional contacts had talked about their positive experiences with the Business Centre of Nice Côte d'Azur Business Centre. We tested it a few years ago and it has always proved satisfactory. Its privileged location, functional spaces and the efficiency of the teams on site make it a key venue on the French Riviera for event organisers.

How about the preparations for and roll-out of your event?

Our communications and event coordinator has a stressful job that demands precision. She needs dependable contacts with whom she can work with confidence. In these professions, everything depends on organisation and it always necessary to anticipate logistics. With the teams of the Business Centre, all the stages are rolled out smoothly from the first telephone call to the validation of very precise specifications by email. Although nothing can replace a phone conversation in terms of conviviality, internet is nevertheless indispensable for effective follow-up, through to the final approval.

Would you recommend the Business Centre to organise your events?

Everything is simple; The rooms are lovely and well equipped since last year's renovation work. On D-Day, we know that we can trust the team on site. Delegates are warmly welcomed, which is crucial for us. The only downside would perhaps be the quality of the coffee which is not yet that of an espresso! Over and above the business relationship, we have a very positive relationship with the teams of the Business Centre. When our last minute requests arrive, the teams always find a solution. They are at our disposal and ready to react.

In the future, will you continue to opt for the Business Centre?

Yes! On 9 October, Terminal 1 hosted a conference on the "social" theme with thirty delegates who are used to attending these events at your airport.