Management - NAMA

Management NAMA

The desire to expand

 Aéroports de la Côte d’Azur Group is currently engaged in a dynamic international development. NAMA is examining all offered opportunities.

New Horizons

In addition to providing ad hoc services to operators and their staff, NAMA also undertakes long-term operations in two fields: airport management and acquisition. The group is structured and able to respond alone or with partners to all invitations to tender concerning airports dedicated to commercial and/or business aviation.

NAMA can deliver everything required in such tenders, including:

  • strategic planning
  • business plans
  • financial models
  • KPIs and dashboards
  • systems for aeronautical and other fees
  • retail income development strategies
  • HR management dynamics
  • environmental approach
  • communication strategies
  • benchmarking and monitoring.


Responsible growth

NAMA sees corporate social responsibility as a reality, not just a concept. for over 60 years the group has been actively contributing to the economic development of french riviera by promoting tourism and commercial exchanges via its network and its cargo business, by working closely with local communities and economic decision-makers and by protecting the environment (environmental charters, iso 14001 certification, airport carbon accreditation, etc.).

NAMA’s community credentials are built into its dna. While economic performance naturally underpins our everyday work and commits us to improving the service quality, commercial attractiveness and profitability of your airport, our ambition for it goes much further - to making it a dynamic and ethical stakeholder in the sustainable development of its area.